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Salero Ranch vistas

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Tucked away in a high desert valley to the east of Tubac and west of Patagonia, Salero Ranch is a truly supreme destination. Managed continuously since the early 20th century as a cow-and-calf operation, the Salero still hosts several hundred head of cattle on its 20,000 acres, stretching across desert grasslands, thick mesquite bosques, sheer cliffs, rolling foothills, riparian hideaways and steeply carved canyons. Salero Ranch continues its heritage of having been gently grazed and intelligently preserved for generations.

Your imagination has free range to wander at will. Your spirit is alternately soothed and inspired by the dawn-song of a curve-billed thrasher, the yipping of coyotes on a distant ridge, the long arc of Orion the Hunter’s east-to-west journey every night.

Mt. Wrightson from Salero Ranch

It is often said that Arizona lacks the distinctive four seasons of the northern states, but experiencing the seasonal changes is one of the premier features of living at Salero Ranch. Salero summers are a time of cooler-than-Tucson temperatures, monsoon-watching parties, and emerald green transformation of the landscape. In autumn, the coral bean and cottonwoods turn a brilliant yellow as migrant birds begin their southward journeys. Winter brings golden-hued grasses, clear tranquil mornings, occasional brief snowstorms, and sharp frost in the washes while warmer air perches on the hillsides. Spring arrives in early February as the tiny pipistrelle bats begin foraging for insects and desert mariposa lilies send up a single leaf to “test” the weather.

The wide-open spaces, the crisp air, and the unbroken views create a canvas for your Salero Ranch custom home from the moment you take possession of your property. Night skies are lit only by uncountable stars and the occasional silvery moon. Amateur astronomers thrill to Southern Arizona’s clear skies and absence of light pollution.

Mesquite bosque on Salero Ranch

Over the past several years, a new era has begun on the Salero Ranch, with tasteful custom homes set into hillsides or tucked among the mesquites, no more than one house for every 36 acres. Southwest architecture with earth-blend color schemes and casual ranch styling create a relaxed lifestyle in this magnificent country.

Salero Ranch utilizes an architectural committee that works with homeowners to ensure that each home design strikes a clear balance between unique beauty and subtle integration with the landscape.

Salero Ranch ensures privacy for you and your guests with a gated entry. Underground power affords everyone uninterrupted views of the landscape. Private wells and individual septic systems provide every owner with a sense of assured independence. At Salero, you’re only minutes away from Tubac and other amenities, but it feels and looks like heaven.